Our Advantage

Create the Future

  • F a s t
    F a s t
    High Quality and Fast Production Service
    The factory operates a seven-day, 24-hour working system.

    Automated PCB equipment plus efficient management team
    Can customize 2, 4, 6, 8 layers of PCB, small batch rapid production needs!
    More than 10 years of production experience to escort your products
  • A U T O
    A U T O
    Advanced automation professional circuit board production equipment
    It can meet the needs of different customers at home and abroad for various products.

    Automated plating production equipment and high precision CNC drilling machine
    It provides reliable quality assurance for PCB products with microporous (0.15-0.2mm) and high density linewidth and spacing (3/3mil).
  • T E A M
    T E A M
    Top PCB Technology Elite Team
    10 years of professional PCB production and sales experience

    Provide optimization solutions for customer PCB design
    200 senior technicians with over 10 years'experience in PCB
    Deeply Understanding the Inspection Requirements and Quality Inspection Standards of PCB Industry
  • P r o c e s s
    P r o c e s s
    Strong process capability
    Minimum mechanical hole passing: 0.15mm, minimum line width and line spacing: 3/3mil

    Maximum thickness-diameter ratio: 10:1, maximum gold thickness: 10u', maximum number of layers: 28 layers
    It can undertake special processing of multi-layer mixing high frequency plate, copper substrate, aluminium substrate, ceramic plate, etc.


Address:West Star Industrial Zone on West Ring Road, Shajing Town, Shenzhen City,China