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Company Profile

Shenzhen Qili Fast Electronics: PCB Accelerated Sampling, FPC Flexible Circuit Board, Soft-Hard Bonded Circuit Board and Multilayer Impedance Circuit Board Manufacturers.     Shenzhen Qilije Electrons Co., Ltd. was founded in September 2009, is a professional manufacturer of PCB of various types. The company has introduced advanced automation production technology and equipment from the United States, Germany, Taiwan and other countries with huge investment. More than 100 professional and technical teams of multi-layer circuit boards over 15 years have passed ISO9000, ISO14000, TS16949 and other quality certification systems through the company's efforts for many years. Strictly in accordance with international standards to produce a variety of high-precision, high-quality single-sided and double-sided circuit boards, aluminum-based circuit boards, hard-soft combination circuit boards, FPC, PTFE high-frequency circuit boards and special high-difficulty PCB products.

      Relying on its unique geographical advantages, the company has established a PCB production base in this world-famous coastal city of China, which is the most developed in the world. The company's geographical environment is excellent, adjacent to the wharf, along the Yangtze River, Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway and other expressways, transportation is very convenient.

      The company adheres to the principle of "unity and dedication, continuous innovation, high investment, high-tech automation equipment, create first-class products, first-class benefits, and serve the vast number of customers at home and abroad". We adhere to the principle of "quality first, reputation first", and provide the best service to customers at home and abroad. On the premise of talent, technology, quality and efficiency, we try our best to meet the ever-changing development needs of the industry.

Our mission

Our mission

      Qili Fast Electronics adheres to the business philosophy of "fast delivery, moderate price, high quality service, reliable quality" in the operation process, focusing on the research and development, production, import and export trade, sales and services of all kinds of difficult PCB. Since its inception, the company has adhered to market change-oriented development of various types of high-difficulty, high-quality circuit board products in different fields. Products have covered the PCB market in the fields of home appliances, communications, automobiles, security, medical, digital, intelligent AI, aerospace, military and other fields, with thousands of PCB types. It is a new high-tech PCB manufacturer with fast development, complete products and wide service sales network. With the development of collectivization, the company has a perfect pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service team, and also has the development potential of diversification and high precision of PCB products. The products are well-known enterprises both at home and abroad.

Intelligent AI High Precision Chip Circuit Board, the Representative of Future Science and Technology

Large communication equipment, military high frequency circuit board, high precision and high quality symbol

Intelligent Vehicle, High Speed Train, Aerospace HDI Multilayer PCB, Future Speed Display


Address:West Star Industrial Zone on West Ring Road, Shajing Town, Shenzhen City,China