Processing items Process Capability Processing Instructions
Special Technology Resin plug holes,BGA pad center holes, mixing pressure board, PTFE, blind buried holes, silver grouting holes, ceramic circuit boards, binding IC (special process needs process uation before offline)
Sold Mask Type Photosensitive ink White, black (bright, dumb), blue, green (bright, dumb), yellow, red, etc.
Sold Mask bridge Green oil > 0.1mm < br > Miscellaneous oil (> 0.12mm < br >) Black and white oil (> 0.15mm) Pad design spacing is more than 0.2 for solder mask bridges. The thicker the copper, the larger the spacing.
Minimum character linewidth ≥5mil If the line width of a character is less than 5 mils, it may cause problems with the characters on the PCB board.
Minimum silkscreen font Height ≥0.8mm If the minimum hight of the character is less than 0.8mm, the PCB board may cause character blurring.
Minimum slothole size 0.6mm The tolerance of slothole size is <0.1mm.
Stamp hole size 0.5mm Stamp holes are 0.25 mm space.  added on the middle of the outline, number of holes should be more than three.
Plug hole ≤0.6mm Pad Cover Ink on Surface of Over 0.6mm Hole
Minimum silk screen font width ≥0.6mm If the minimum width of the character is less than 0.6mm, the PCB board may cause character blurring.
Minimum hole spacing for mechanical drilling ≥0.15mm Minimum hole spacing of mechanical drilling should be more than 0.15 mm, and different network hole spacing should be more than 0.25 mm.
Half-hole technology: minimum half-hole diameter 0.5mm Half-hole process is a special process, the minimum aperture should not be less than 0.5mm.
Minimum drill hole diameter 0.15mm Mechanical drilling: minimum drill hole diameter 0.15 mm,Laser drilling: minimum drill hole diameter 0.1MM,If conditions permit, it is recommended that the minimum hole be designed to 0.3mm or more.Drilling tolerance: +0.075 mm
Minimum Linewidth Line Spacing ≥3/3mil ≥3/3mil (0.076mm) 4/4mil(finished copper thickness 1oz), 5/5mil (finished copper thickness 2oz), 8/8mil (finished copper thickness 3oz). Conditions permit recommendation to increase wire width and wire spacing.
Minimum Network Width Line Spacing ≥6mil/8mil ≥6mil/8mil (0.15/0.20mm) 6/8mil(finished copper thickness 1oz), 8/10mil (finished copper thickness 2oz), 10/12mil (finished copper thickness 3oz)
Minimum etched font width ≥8mil (0.20mm) More than 8mil (0.20mm) 8mil (finished copper thickness 1oz), 10mil (finished copper thickness 2oz), 12mil (finished copper thickness 3oz)
Minimum BGA, Bonding Pad ≥6mil (0.15mm) For example, the thickness of board is 1.6 mm, and the thickness of physical plate is 1.44 mm (T-1.6*10%) to 1.76 mm (T+1.6*10%).
Complete outer copper thickness 35-140 μm 35-140 um refers to the thickness of copper foil in the outer layer of finished circuit board
Complete inner copper thickness 17-70um 17-70um refers to the widths of two copper sheets in a circuit.
Signal line to outline spacing ≥10mil (0.25mm) Way of delivery :CNC,The distance between signal line and PCB outline space should be more than 0.25 mm.Way of delivery :V-CUT,The distance between route and V-CUT center line space should be more than 0.35 mm.When special pad and outline touch, customers are required to accept copper exposure on the side of the pad.
Material type FR-4, High Frequency plate, Rogers, FR4 double board uses KB A grade material, multi-layer board uses SY A grade material, high TG170.
Thickness Tolerance T<1.0mm ±0.1mm (T<1.0mm)+0.1mm, for example board thickness T=0.8mm, actual board thickness is 0.7mm (T-0.1)~0.9mm (T+0.1)
Max layers 28 Batch processing capability 1-18 layers, sample processing capability 1-28 layers
Surface Technology Carbon oil, HASL, lead-free HASL, Chemical gold precipitation, Chemical silver precipitation, OSP, Gold finger, Selective gold precipitation, Gold plating
Board Thickness Range 0.4-4.0mm Normal Board Thickness: 0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6/2.0/2.4/3.0 mm; The Thickest Board Thickness in Mass Production can be machined to 3.5 mm
Thickness Tolerance T>1.0mm ±10% (T>1.0mm)+10% for example board thickness T=1.6mm, actual board thickness 1.44mm (T-1.6*10%)~1.76mm (T+1.6*10%)

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